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Mosaic collage into new creative trend of endless mix and match

  Mosaic of the market have recently been to the market of new products. Each company’s new products, though features vary, but overall showed a good momentum of development.

  Crystal Art Deco mosaic sales representatives Fan Xiaoping, the recent new product can probably mosaic can be divided into different glass and other materials with each other for a variety of art forms to re-mix types of products, most of their customers are used to decorate the pool .
  Which left a deep impression, is the recent introduction of Art Deco, the natural break series. This irregular broken collage techniques came over the United States, is the Art Deco and American designers do. Because of its irregular features, it always gives a very natural, very pure feeling. Fan Xiaoping believes that this is the character of Americans is about respect for freedom, and they co-operate in a pure natural music of life, that is, we usually think of China’s green living. Americans are doing fine in this regard, be able to do, and this underlines the natural combination of a cultural connotation.

  And damage the natural Art Deco series of different companies, responsible for domestic sales of Li Xianbing Mark Paul believes that the stone, crystal, stainless steel, a series of mix and match mix and match approach that is now more popular in the market above, the thick stone and crystal soft Run, or combined with the special texture of the metal, to give the left a special impression.

  Compared to stone, metal and other materials of mosaic, a mosaic of wood materials in the production process even more difficult in other materials above the mosaic. For example, wood mosaic dedicated to the production of Haimin Old Boat Decoration Engineering Company Limited, their recent trend of new design retains the original style and the combination of art collage on the back, making this the largest lagoon backdrop of wood technology difficulty also lies in the collage process, the size and shape of different timber to good to be inserted and the art of stitching effect. Ancient Boat woody production process because the difficulty of even more than the existence of a mosaic of other materials, so every new product launch is always a lot of condensation efforts and wisdom, and the difficulty with the process and materials on the particularity of making it on sense of higher value.

  Looking at the recent launch of the new mosaic above the market, generally showing a mix of collage of development. Mix and match between different materials, different colors to mix and match between, clip by hand to produce a wide variety of visual effects.

  The more common is the mosaic of other materials and glass mosaic mix and match, due to the diversity of glass performance, guests can choose the type of very large mosaic. Sun Bo bit the impression of the sales representative explained that because the mosaic of the models have more artistic value lies in the nature of it is clever, can always mix and match different materials with new tricks to its endless, boundless creativity, "only you can not think without you can not do ", which reflects the thinking this is a wealthy industry, it is more necessary than in other industries idea, no idea, no better development of Mosaic. Mashup collage as a method of mosaic, a mosaic can provide virtually unlimited ability to perform.

  In fact, the concept of mix and match clothes with more for the above, refer to the different styles, different materials, different clothing worth pieced together according to individual taste, so mix and match a completely personal style, that is not neatly, is a kinds of fashion, but it must not be equated with wearing a clueless mess with Hu. Mosaic is the same mix, seemingly casual, but in fact a surprise move. Although the coexistence of a variety of elements, but it does not mean chaos ride together, and mix and match the success, the key is to identify a "tone" to the main line of this style, other styles do embellishment, the separation of light a weight, the Lord has times. This is a key mosaic mashup.

  Sun Bo said that the mosaic of local manufacturers still doing very well in this regard, he believes that this mix of mosaics in the form now and in the future for a long period of time will become a trend mosaic of new and innovative forms.
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